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Major Mark J. Rydzynski, USA
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Volume XI, Issue 1

July 1, 2001

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President's Corner

by Jerry Nossaman

Last month I contacted The Center for Russian and East European Studies at KU in search of a potential faculty member to speak at our July 17 meeting.  I informed the secretary of my needs and she politely told me she would pass the word on to the Director, Maria Carlson, but that they were in the midst of moving their entire department to a different building and it may be a few days before she could return my call. Less than an hour later Dr. Carlson called me and said I did not want a faculty member, but a student, who was so qualified, capable, and enthusiastic about a subject of interest to our group that she insisted I meet with him to assess his expertise.  This I did, and she was so right.    Major Rydzynski speaks Russian, has actually served with the Russian Army, traveled, lived and studied there.  Be ready with your questions about Russian life today and the Russian Military.  What they think of the US and what the future holds for our relationship.  Bosnia and Herzegovina, the questions are endless.
What a great community we live in and what wonderful resources we have to learn from.  Please come, invite someone who hasn't been in a while, it will be a most enjoyable and informative evening.  Take time to meet old friends, welcome new ones and especially meet Major Rydzinski and his wife Molly.

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