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Volume X, Issue 6

May 1, 2001

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President's Corner

by Jerry Nossaman

When the crew of the Navy EP-3 was returned from Hainan Island, China, Americans were proud and thankful. BUT, a recent Journal World article by syndicated columnist Mark Shields brought to light the difficulty military recruiters have in gaining access to many of our nation's high schools.
There are people who are always anti-military, (especially in peace time), and they deny that being a military professional is an appropriate occupation for students to consider. We know how wrong they are. This group is small, but vocal and can be intimidating with their right of 'free speech' 'protected', and we will always make sure it is.
I am told by local recruiters that it is not a problem in Lawrence schools, although it is in a few neighboring communities.  Someone giving their opinion, any opinion, is absolutely right.  Allowing someone to intimidate our public school policy is absolutely
wrong.  Let's make sure it never happens here.
Please plan on attending the Jayhawk TROA meeting on May 15 at the Lawrence Country Club.

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