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This newsletter is published by the Jayhawk Chapter of Kansas, The Retired Officers Association, as a service to all members.  The Jayhawk emblem is used with the permission of the registered trademark owner, the University of Kansas.  Publication is made at bimonthly intervals.  The newsletter is only as good as the material available, so each member is requested to forward news and other items of interest to the editor or one of the service editors.



September Speaker will be our own:
George Schaeffer, Captain, USN(Retired)

Presenting the:
"The Incredible Journey - BaltOps 1993"

Volume XI, Issue 2

September 1, 2001

Inside this issue:

The Baltic Sea, June 5, 2001 -- The guided missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68) heads a formation while departing the Polish port of Gdynia during the exercise BALTOPS 2001, a maritime exercise involving 14 nations. In addition to training, the exercise promotes regional cooperation among participants. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Shane McCoy. [010605-N-6967M-501] June 5, 2001

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President's Corner

by Jerry Nossaman

The National TROA webpage reveals the following about representatives and senators from our area.  In the House of Representatives, TROA currently supports 26 proposals, they consider as "key".  Dennis Moore is a co-sponsor of 5 of 26, and Jim Ryan cosponsors 7 of 26.  On the senate side Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts each are co-sponsors of 2 out of 15 TROA designated "key" bills.  I realize these figures do not paint a true picture of any of these fine men's views on legislation that may have bearing on military retirees, however we should pay closer attention to their actions with regards to such matters and ALWAYS be willing to give them our thoughts.
Pat Roberts serves on the Armed Forces Comm. in the Senate and Jim Ryan does the same in the House.  Roberts and Moore both have served in the military.  Roberts has a degree from KSU, Brownback from KSU and KU, Moore from KU and Washburn, and Ryan from KU.  They have good local ties, many of you may know them personally.  TROA makes it very easy to contact them on any of these issues, just go to the TROA webpage at www.troa.org, and a wealth of information will be at your fingertips.  You may then express your views to your senator or representative with the touch of a key..., but that personal letter is probably still more effective.

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