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This newsletter is published by the Jayhawk Chapter of Kansas, The Retired Officers Association, as a service to all members.  The Jayhawk emblem is used with the permission of the registered trademark owner, the University of Kansas.  Publication is made at bimonthly intervals.  The newsletter is only as good as the material available, so each member is requested to forward news and other items of interest to the editor or one of the service editors.

July Speaker:

     Staff Sgt. Daryl Brown

         NCOIC, Personnel Operations Branch, AG Division
         Combined Arms Command, Fort Leavenworth

       His topic will be "Retiree Update"

President's Corner

by George Schaeffer  


As you may know, the Board of Directors has endorsed a proposal, to change our associationís name to Military Officers Association of America. This historic change represents a turning point for the organization. The National Board, chapter leaders and staff firmly support the recommendation to change the name. They strongly believe that the new name more accurately reflects the mission to serve all officers, retired and active duty, at every stage of their lives.

I believe that the new name will strengthen our voice on Capitol Hill and greatly increase our ability to maintain and even increase our membership so that we can continue our work on behalf of all officers and their families. All voting members will have the opportunity to vote, by Internet or by mail, during the balloting period commencing upon receipt of the August 2002 issue of The Retired Officer Magazine. The ballot will include other voting issues such as the election of new Board members and will be mailed as a wraparound to the August issue of the magazine.

Please vote and make your vice heard..

Volume XII, Issue 6

July 1, 2002

  CAPT. George Schaeffer, USN (Ret)
1st Vice-President:
  COL. Charles Heller, USA (Ret)
2nd Vice-President:
  LCOL. Stanley Sneegas, USAF (Ret)
  LCOL. Jeffery Heeb, USAFR (Ret)
  CAPT. Buck Newsom, USN (Ret)
  CAPT. Jerry Nossaman, USNR (Ret)
  COL. Jeff Hambleton, USAFR (Ret)
  CDR. David Laury, USNR (Ret)
  COL. John Mosher, USAFR
  CAPT. Herschel Stroud, USAF (Ret)
  CDR. Frank Taylor, USN (Ret)
Newsletter Editor:
  COL. John Halladay, AUS (Ret)
Web Master:
  CAPT. George Schaeffer, USN (Ret)
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 Army News 3
 Navy News 3
 Air Force News 4
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Reservations for the July meeting should be sent to Buck Newsome by 12 July.