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This newsletter is published by the Jayhawk Chapter of Kansas, Military Officers Association of America, as a service to all members.  The Jayhawk emblem is used with the permission of the registered trademark owner, the University of Kansas.  Publication is made at bimonthly intervals.  The newsletter is only as good as the material available, so each member is requested to forward news and other items of interest to the editor or one of the service editors.

November Speaker:
Our November program will be presented by our own Jerry Nossaman
who will give us an update on his trip back to Vietnam.

                                                                       President's Corner

by Stanley Sneegas  

Dear Fellow Officers,

     I would like to encourage all of you to come to our November meeting and vote for your Jayhawk Chapter MOAA Officers & Board of Directors. Your participation will determine the strength of the Chapter. The Nominating Committee has done a great job and come up with good candidates to lead us into the future.

     I would like to thank this year's Officers, Board and members for helping make the Jayhawk Chapter one of the best! Thank you for allowing me to serve as your President this year.

Volume XIII, Issue 8 
November 1, 2003
  CAPT. Stanley Sneegas, USAF (Ret)
1st Vice-President:
  1stLT Thomas Carmody AUS (Former)
2nd Vice-President:
  Maj.Don Sheriff USAF (Ret)
  LCOL. Jeffery Heeb, USAFR (Ret)
  CAPT. Buck Newsom, USN (Ret)
  CAPT. George Schaeffer, USN (Ret)
  COL. Jeff Hambleton, USAFR (Ret)
  LCDR. David Hanson, USN (Ret)   
  COL. John Mosher, USAFR
  CAPT. Herschel Stroud, USAF (Ret)
  CDR. Frank Taylor, USN (Ret)
  Newsletter Editor:
  COL. John Halladay, AUS (Ret)
Web Master:
  CAPT. George Schaeffer, USN (Ret)
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 President's message 1
 New Members 1
 Jayhawk Chapter News 2
 Army & Navy News 3
High, Richard D.   CAPT USN
Spouse: Mary
Orwoll, Chris D.  CDR USN
Spouse:  Linda
 Air Force News 4
 MOAA Legislative Updates  4/8
 MOAA Benefits Information 6
 MOAA Member Svcs Update 7
 MOAA Vacations 8
 Dinner Reservation Form 9
Reservations should be sent to   Buck Newsome by 14 November.
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